Flavors You Love

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Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the special people in your life. Want to add one more perfect pair to celebrate? Consider flavored syrup combinations. It’s amazing that with just a few drops of flavor, you can turn your morning drink of choice into a special experience. Here are some flavor combos that hold the key to our heart:


From hazelnut to coconut, adding nutty flavors to your cup of Joe can provide a distinct, earthy and delicious taste.  Drop some chocolate into the mix for a rich, creamy flavor that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Try this combo- chocolate & coconut flavor shots with coffee for an Almond Joy in a mug.

Savory Sweet

Cherry, tangerine, and other fruity flavors add the perfect splash of sweetness and tang to your favorite hot tea.  Add a touch of melt-in-your-mouth flavors like caramel or vanilla for a velvety and luxurious taste.

Try this combo- raspberry & vanilla with chamomile tea for a creamy delight with just a hint of fruity flavor.


Are you feeling a little zesty? Add a burst of spicy flavor with peppermint or cinnamon.  And if you want to balance out the spice, add in some vanilla or chocolate flavor!

Try this combo- cinnamon & white chocolate with coffee for the perfect drink to warm up in winter.

Treat yourself! From nutty to spicy, your favorite flavor combinations can completely transform your cup of Joe or tea and make it feel and taste extra special for Valentine’s Day.

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