How to Celebrate National Coffee Break Day

Mark your calendars! National Coffee Break Day is on January 20th! How are you going to celebrate? Here are four ideas to make sure you and your team join in the festivities.

people on coffee break1. Make some coffee for your colleague(s). Help your co-workers celebrate the holiday and brew them a hot cup o’ joe. Then hand-deliver it to their desk. What a nice gesture.

2.  Send out a National Coffee Break Day party invite. You can go all out and have snacks and finger foods or keep it simple and just serve your office coffee selection. Either way, get your whole team together and take 30 minutes to unwind and enjoy the coffee-tastic holiday.

3.  Send your colleagues a National Coffee Break Day e-card. Simple, fun, and a wonderful thought.

4.  Play an office coffee matching game. Designate one person in the office to run the game and to collect the information. Have everyone on your team submit how they like their coffee: black, with hazelnut creamer, in their favorite cow-shaped coffee mug, and so on. Then, get everyone together for a short party in the breakroom and play! You can increase the stakes with prizes to make the game even more fun and interactive.

When January 20th gets here, make sure you’ve got your party hat on and share the festivities with your team so you can make this year’s National Coffee Break Day a memorable one.

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