Kudos! Recognizing Employees the Right Way

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April is Stress Awareness Month, and we’re calling attention to something to consider when trying to reduce stress levels – recognition. That’s right! The simple task of recognizing your team can play an integral role in decreasing stress levels in the office, as long as recognition is approached the right way. Try to incorporate some of the following tips to accomplish appreciating your team, boosting morale and decreasing stress in the workplace:

Tie Recognition into Company Values

Associates want to know that the work they are doing, matters. Showing them and other colleagues how their work plays into the big picture is positive reassurance. For example, if your mission statement includes concepts like integrity, customer focus, etc., then be sure to recognize team members who exemplify those traits!

Make it Personal

Automated recognition systems can take away the human touch everyone needs. Find ways to show your associates that you appreciate their hard work, like a handwritten note to go along with a gift card.

Be Inclusive

Your team is full of superstars, so make sure they all know it! Something as simple as a team meal to celebrate the end of a quarter can be something for everyone to look forward to. This recognition can increase morale, encourage bonding, and shine the spotlight on all the hardworking individuals on your team.

The time is now to celebrate Stress Awareness Month by starting a recognition program within your team, or amplifying your current program with these helpful tips. Being acknowledged can go a long way towards reducing stress and helps to build a positive environment while  making individuals feel good about what they do and who they work for.

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