Millennials: The New Majority

millennial imageKnowing who your employees are is a great way to stay on top of workplace trends, and as we all know, demographics are constantly changing.  Millennials now make up the largest, most diverse population in the United States, making them a big part of today’s workplace environment.

Research shows that Millennials are driving the snack trend both in and out of the office toward more frequent and healthier snacking.  Not only do Millennials value community, family and creativity in their work, they also look for specific attributes when selecting a snack!


This is a huge driving factor when Millennials are choosing a snack. They typically want options that have a low-calorie/fat content with high nutritional content.


When looking for a snack, most Millennials want something accessible. In the age of multi-tasking, they need to have handy, to-go options.


Millennials often look for a snack that is innovative and exciting, such as a fun, new twist on an old favorite or a fun product pairing they might not have considered before. They are looking for a snack that is unique and out of the ordinary, which makes perfect sense since Millennials tend to strive to stand out in the crowd.


This is a surprising, but sensible factor. Being reminded of the “good ole days” while at work can give you a sense of happiness and excitement.

At Canteen, we strive to refresh old traditions and innovate new ones. Check out our creative, modern options to find out how to breathe new life into your workplace!

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