Our Founding Principles

canteen principles imageIn 1928, Nathaniel Leverone was waiting for the train and decided he might like a snack. Unfortunately, the coin operated machine was stocked with moldy peanuts! On top of that, the candy machine didn’t work. With that disappointing experience, the concept of Canteen was born as were the founding principles that we still operate under today:

  • Every Canteen machine must be honest and efficient. It must return the customer’s coin if empty and it must be easy for the customer to operate.
  • Every confection sold through a Canteen vending machine must be fresh and full weight – a standard value, identical in quality and quantity with the offering of the best retail counters.
  • Canteen service must give full satisfaction to the customer and conform to the highest standards at all times.

Over the years, we have seen many changes in the industry, but our vision and values have remained constant. We have committed to a standard of excellence and always strive to uphold the standard of high-quality service our customers depend on while keeping Nathaniel Leverone’s founding principles intact.

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