Reason for the Season: Give Thanks!

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November is the start of the holiday season and with Thanksgiving just a day away, it’s the perfect time to spend time with family and friends and reflect on all of the things you have to be thankful for, including your dedicated associates. How are you planning to give thanks to your team this year? Here are some ideas:

Personal Handwritten Letters

Written notes are treasured, personal touches that can mean a lot to the recipient. Take the time to write individual notes to each person on your team thanking them for their efforts this year for a more personal touch!

Team Gathering

Plan a fun outing for your team such as a nice lunch at a local restaurant, or even renting a private booth at a sporting event. For an added bonus, consider paying that bonding time forward such as:  Spending the time as a team giving back to your community through volunteering. It’s a great way to spread the seasonal cheer.

Snacks & Coffee

What seems like a minor addition can make a big change in your day. Waltzing into a breakroom and finding complimentary snacks and coffee can truly bring the holiday spirit out in all of us.

Here at Canteen, we are so thankful for our great associates and loyal customers. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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