Where Dreams Come True

Where Dreams Come True Canteen team

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Delilah who dreamt of meeting her favorite Disney princess. Thanks to our Canteen Appleton team, not only were we able to help make her dream come true in her hometown—we helped send her to Disney World in Orlando, Florida!

Four-year-old Delilah suffers from an advanced form of Chiari malformation, which puts her at risk for paralysis and other loss of basic bodily functions. When Canteen Appleton heard Delilah’s story, they teamed up with Tundraland, a local home improvement company, to cater their second annual Windows for a Cause fundraiser on April 25th, 2017. For the event, they collaborated with local artists, organizations, and community figures to creatively turn old windows into true works of art. The upcycled windows were then auctioned off at the event, and 100 percent of the proceeds were put towards an all-expense paid trip to Disney World for Delilah and her family.

From the dinner and desserts to the delightful decor, the Appleton branch catering team truly went above and beyond to make this a night that Delilah and her family would never forget. The best part? Canteen Appleton’s Hannah Hanson lit up the room as Princess Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, granting Delilah’s wish to meet her favorite princess!

Food Service Director, Sue Zdanovec, said her team was dedicated to making it a magical night for every guest: “Everyone on the catering staff made sure every detail was perfect. It was an amazing job by an amazing team!” Together, they helped bring magic to a family who needed it most. We are so proud of their outreach and hard work; but most of all, we are happy to have helped Delilah’s dreams come true!

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