Amp Up Your Water

March is National Nutrition Month, and this year, we’re focusing on drinking more water. You may have heard the suggested daily water intake is eight 8 ounce glasses. It is doable, but we like to make drinking water a little more exciting- by adding flavor! Here are some creative ways you can add more flavor to your water:

image of pouring waterFlavor Drops- These liquid beverage enhancers will allow you to create a personalized beverage experience. Mix in a little or a lot of flavor for an intense burst of fruity deliciousness. Flavor enhancers are a great option to offer in your breakroom and pair perfectly with our EcoStream water filtration coolers and other beverage equipment.

Frozen Fruit- Try using frozen fruit in your water as ice cubes. Not only will the fruit keep your water ice cold, it will also add a slight fruit flavor.

Fresh Fruit Slices- Let your favorite fruit soak in a pitcher of water and let the flavor create a delightful and refreshing fruity beverage. Some fruits that make great flavored water are strawberries, oranges, lime or even cucumber. You can try all sorts of fruit combinations! Take a peak in your local Canteen dining location and see what kind of fresh fruits are available to make flavored water at work.

How will you amp up your water? We hope our list of ideas will be a great starting point for you this month and help you drink more water. Happy National Nutrition Month!

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