Stay Cool with Summer Trends

summer trends

July is hot, but these trends are ice cold! During these summer months, cool hydration is on everyone’s minds. It’s critical to stay hydrated to support summer activities in the higher temperatures. So, let’s take a look at some trendy ways to keep you and your team refreshed:

  • Tap into maple water – This unique flavored water is tapped from maple trees. Full of nutrients and antioxidants, it’s a great way to promote hydration.
  • Sparkling bubbles to the top – Sparkling water continues to grow in popularity, both sweetened and unsweetened varieties. With all sorts of flavors on the market, the possibilities seem endless to rotate offerings and keep associates engaged in your breakroom. Bright citrusy flavors, like lemon and orange are especially great options for summer.
  • Watermelon water – What’s more summery than watermelon? This flavored water provides a sweet, fruity and better-for-you option to artificially sweetened beverages.
  • Cold brew coffee – Love a good cup of Joe… ice cold? Cold brew coffee has hit the mainstream! It’s smooth, refreshingly cool, and appeals to many coffee connoisseurs.

With trendy and unique options like these, it’s easy to keep both you and your team hydrated year-round. Contact us to learn more about what pantry options will work for you.

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