Craving A Salty Snack?


snacksCravings are how our bodies tell us they need something (i.e. you’re hungry when you are running low on nutrients to fuel your body).  Salty cravings work the same way, but these cravings don’t necessarily mean you need salt.

Our bodies need vitamins and minerals to function properly.  Many minerals taste salty, so we often experience a salty craving when our bodies are running low on these vital minerals

Believe it or not, you may also crave a salty snack when your body needs water.  Sodium actually helps keep water in our bodies, so when we’re dehydrated, we need more salt to balance out the water retained in our cells.

The next time you’re craving a salty snack, make sure you give your body what it needs.  Grab some lightly salted nuts or trail mix and a bottle of water from your Avenue C.  Nuts are packed with vitamins and minerals, water will hydrate you, and the little bit of salt should satisfy any additional salty craving.

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