Recruiting & Retaining an Amazing Team

We’re not going to lie… We think our associates are pretty amazing. And you probably feel the same way about your team, right? Here’s the age-old question: how do you retain your great people and for that matter, attract even more talent? Here are some key things people are looking for these days when choosing a company to work for (and stay there):

  • Innovation – It’s a fact! Millennials make up more than a third of today’s workforce, and according to a recent survey, they find innovation important when it comes to growth. That being said, if innovation is at the forefront of your organization’s goals, Millennials should think highly of your company’s strength.
  • Transparency – If your culture is to break down barriers and create open lines of communication within your team, then you are creating a transparent environment. That makes for a more positive atmosphere and a stronger feeling of team spirit.
  • Flexibility – in both hours and work location. Things pop up in life that we have to take care of – doctor’s appointments, visits from the in-laws, etc. It’s important to associates to feel like they have a little wiggle room when these things happen.
  • Workplace designDon’t judge a book by its cover, right? Actually, the look and feel of your space can directly affect people’s perception of your company. It’s nice to feel comfortable at work. Wouldn’t you agree?

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s get back to our amazing associates who might be able to help shed some more light on this subject. Both Margaret and Alex started early in their careers with Canteen and decided to continue their journey with us. Let’s see why they made that decision!

(Margaret Boyle, Avenue C Customer Service Manager) One of the main reasons I wanted to continue my career with Canteen was the people. Not only are they great to work with, but from my days as an intern and now, I have felt part of the team and valued for my contributions.

My favorite aspect of working with Canteen is the endless opportunities. Opportunities to learn, grow, and adapt on a daily basis. Definitely not a cookie cutter job, every day is a bit different which makes it exciting and challenging.

(Alex Huffman, Director of Business Development) Hardly anyone had heard of micro-markets when I began my career with Canteen’s Mid-South Division as a Manager in Training (MIT). My experience was certainly unique because I was able to learn a brand new business line alongside a number of industry veterans. (I know! Incredible right?) As a team, we developed the programs that have contributed to Canteen’s rapid growth. I’ve since moved to Canteen HQ where I continue to support these initiatives. I consider myself incredibly lucky to work alongside the most fun, compassionate, and hardworking people in the business!

We are so proud to have associates like Alex and Margaret behind us. It is passion and dedication like theirs that drives an organization’s success, so it’s important to remember the key drivers we have mentioned to keep them feeling valued and excited about the company they work for.

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