4 Office Snack Trends Changing the Way We Eat

When it comes to trending products, we love to break down categories big and small. We’re constantly showcasing the most significant shifts in the industry that you can apply directly to your breakroom and keep your team happy and productive. Here, we’re taking it to a higher level. Our product experts have weighed in on major trends across the snack and beverage industry.

Poppi Soda and Karma Water

Food and Mood

It’s no secret the past couple of years have led mental and physical wellbeing to the spotlight. So, how are brands focusing on personal wellbeing and planning to maintain that focus in the years to come? Food affects mood, and we see wellness present in ingredients and products designed to support health and mental wellbeing aside from pure indulgence. Our favorites include Poppi Prebiotic Soda and Karma Water, two brands focusing on gut health to impact how consumers feel all day. Moving forward, look for more easy-to-pronounce ingredients but keep an ear out for how brands will talk about wellness to resonate with consumers in the future.

Calling Quits on Keto

Large topics in current events, like pandemics and climate change, are shifting the diet landscape. Take Keto, for example. Everyone had a new Keto bar, meat stick, or snack mix two years ago. But diet culture is shifting from a weight loss focus to overall wellness, and fad diets aren’t showing the same results in sales. And sustainably speaking, a meat and dairy-heavy diet like Keto leaves a significant carbon footprint and negatively impacts our planet. People are more knowledgeable about their environmental impacts now, and that’s shown in their diets.

Milk Alternatives

Leaving Meat Behind

So, what’s the alternative? Plant-based. From an environmental and personal wellness perspective, plants in your diet are great. The drastic impacts of massive meat and dairy production have weighed heavy on the earth for over 60 years. Global meat production tripled from 1961 to 2018. But good news, the veggie revolution is upon us, where dairy and meat products get replaced with more sustainable, animal-free alternatives. As more entrants to the market focus on comparable replacements, prices for meat and dairy alternatives are improving, and consumer interest is rising, bringing this trend into the norm.

Impacts on Innovation

Supply chain and inflation, two terms we can’t get away from, are showing their effect on consumer goods now and for the next few years. 2022 has been a game of survival for most brands, leaving innovations frankly underwhelming. But out of trial comes strength. Global supply issues may make ingredients hard to get or cause volatile prices for consumers, but we expect learnings from this year to seep into new products and ingredients in the years to come. For many brands, persisting through these challenges might be the real innovation.


Bonus trend: Three thoughtful ingredients popping up everywhere.

      1. Kelp – Packed with nutrients like dietary fibers, Omega-3 fatty acids, and essential amino acids, this superfood adds a lot to a healthy diet. Plus, kelp fits a variety of recipes to satisfy everyone’s taste cravings. And as far as the earth is concerned, kelp is incredibly sustainable and may even serve to combat global climate change by removing excess CO2 from our oceans.
      2. Hibiscus – This fruity-tart botanical is showing up in drinks across the industry. Its rich, deep pink color shows up in a wide selection of ready-to-drink teas and functional beverages. Our favorites include Shaka Tea, which makes sustainable decisions in its Hawaii-based operation.
      3. Mushrooms – We’ve been talking about this one for years, but it seems mushrooms just can’t be stopped. Thanks to the versatile flavor profile, we see new applications as sneaky nutrition or the forefront of flavor. We’re talking anything from cookies to jerky; mushrooms can be found anywhere and deliver nutrient-packed deliciousness.

Thoughtful Ingredients

The past couple of years have had a drastic impact on food and beverages across the industry, and the current rate of change shows no signs of stopping. But when it comes to growing trends and the best way to serve your team, improve workplace culture, and boost productivity, we can help. Get started today.

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