Take Your Snacks Up a Notch With These Snack Hacks

By now, most of us have gotten into a good groove with the current situation surrounding coronavirus, causing us to find a new normal by staying home as much as possible.  Whether you’re working remotely or social distancing in the office, one theme has consistently come up in virtual conversations and social media feeds everywhere: snacking.  Our cravings seem to be at an all-time high right now, and Canteen is doing its part to satisfy the cravings of snackers everywhere.  We’ve introduced Canteen Snack Boxes, tailor-made snack boxes containing a variety of favorites like chips, cookies or bars, available to ship in bulk to a designated location or individually to team members’ homes.  No matter where you are, we’re still bringing break time to you.

Receiving these goodies can be just like a present on Christmas morning, and a great way to take a break in between all those conference calls and online meetings (or virtual happy hours – we don’t judge.)  But, want to take it up a notch?  See our list of “snack hacks” below to really up the ante on those pretzels and potato chips.  Using ingredients you likely have available due to your diligent pantry stocking, read on to learn how to add flavor and fun to some of the items in our snack boxes.  If anything, these enhancements will extend your snack break, giving you more time before having to say, yet again, “Who just joined?”  Enjoy!

Different kind of SpicesSpice it Up

Simply put: add seasonings to plain potato chips.  Raid your spice cabinet and find the seasonings you like best (good suggestions are garlic powder and cayenne pepper.)  Pile them onto your chips, give them a good mix or shake up in a plastic storage bag, and you’ll immediately have chips that are bursting with flavor. You might want to add extra salt as well, to balance out the new seasonings, but it’s up to you and your preferences.

Crush Cuisine Cravings

Craving even more flavor?  Incorporate your favorite cuisines with themed recipes.  Go Italian with these garlic parmesan pretzels.  Too early to start your Taco Tuesday?  Enjoy an afternoon snack of taco-flavored pretzels by adding taco seasoning or make nachos using the Tostitos chips and salsa from our large snack boxes, along with melted cheese and other favorite toppings.  Whatever the theme, a few extra, on-hand ingredients will take your snacks to the next level.

Sweet and savory with Canteen snack boxes Sweet and Savory

Why choose when you can have both?  Satisfy both sweet and savory cravings by turning plain kettle chips (like the ones in our premium snack boxes) into chocolate salted caramel chips like these.  Not only will these nibbles cover both palates, they will seriously elevate your snacking game.  Impress your friends on that virtual get-together – the best part is, this way, you don’t have to share.

To order snack boxes for you or your team, get started here.  Happy snacking!

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