The Best Candy and Healthier Alternatives for Halloween

While enthralling the hearts of children since the 1950s, Trick-or-Treating has evolved for older generations into the adored “Spooky Season.” Between corn mazes, fall festivals, apple picking, bonfires, flannels, and so much more, sweet treats are glue connecting all of your favorite autumn activities. Whether led by nostalgia or a sweet tooth, everyone loves to embrace October festivities with a snack for themselves and to share with those around them.

We know how snacking goes (it’s kind of our thing), so we’re looking at your favorite candies to spur some creative Halloween ideas. Fill a bowl for the neighborhood, bring some to the office for your workplace friends, or hoard it all for yourself. We won’t judge. Plus, because we believe in better-for-you options, we’re throwing our two cents in on some of the best alternatives for your sweet cravings.

  1. M&M Peanut – a classic candy staple adored by movie-goers and trick-or-treaters alike
  2. Reese’s – If you don’t like Reese’s, it’s okay, but you’re wrong. Plus, there’s no wrong way to eat them.
  3. Kit Kat – We’re pretty big on breaks, so this is a personal favorite.
  4. Snickers – the classic candy bar that’s hard to beat. The best houses give out king-size bars, but we like the ice cream variety on our own.
  5. Twix – The age-old question persists – Are you a left or right Twix person?


Okay, okay, we all give in to our strongest sugar cravings from time to time, but we don’t have to feel guilty about it. In fact, some of our favorite treats are delicious and better for you. 

Chasin’ Dreams FarmChasin' Dreams Farms – Popped Sorghum

Like popcorn’s better little brother, sorghum is popping into the scene with a long list of health and sustainability benefits. Founder Sydney Chasin dreamed of gluten-free, better-for-you, and fun snacks. Thus, sorghum checked the right boxes. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free, and contains 94% less fat than other popcorn brands. This ancient grain grows sustainably, is drought-resistant, and regeneratively farmed in the United States. Chasin’ Dreams Farm lightly coats the popped treat in a corn-syrup-free candy coating for that sweet flavor but doesn’t hit you with all of the unnecessary additives. The list goes on, but let us attest to just how good this stuff is.


Unreal CandiesUnreal Candies

Unreal Candies are more in line with traditional candy but skip all the artificial stuff. Founders Kris and Nicky are set on recreating childhood favorites with ingredients you can feel good about. From classic candy bars to dark chocolate almond butter cups, these alternatives are pretty unreal.


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