Compass Group & Canteen Adopt Menus of Change

bowl of food image

Earlier this year, Compass Group USA announced four new initiatives to work towards healthier, more sustainable menus in its foodservice operations.  These initiatives are based on the Menus of Change Principles established by the Culinary Institute of America and the Harvard School of Public Health.  They are:

  1. Increasing customers’ access to vegetables and fruits by focusing on globally inspired, largely plant-based cooking.
  2. Including recipes and concepts where meat plays more of a supporting role, reducing red meat portion sizes and offerings, and leveraging strategies from seasonal and local flavors, vegetable proteins and global cuisines.
  3. Increasing offerings of grain options that are at least more than 50% whole grain.
  4. Employing conscious menuing and messaging that promotes health and sustainability through inspiring menus, customer interaction at the chef’s table and telling the story about great food.

As a member of Compass Group USA, Canteen is also committed to these goals and is beginning to take steps towards implementing these initiatives in our cafes and dining centers.  These are challenging goals, but we believe they offer added benefits for our clients, improve the health and wellness of the guests that dine in our cafes, and push us towards a more sustainable future for our company.

For more information about these initiatives, Menus of Change, and Compass Group USA’s involvement in the program, please read the Compass Group USA press release.

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