Sustainability at Work: Our Coffee & Pantry Teams Pitch In


Across the country, we have seen more and more of our office coffee and pantry clients focus on sustainable practices and the importance of going green in the workplace. What a great thing to strive for – helping the environment!

To help with their sustainability endeavors, our teams across the nation pitched in to support, and the results were amazing:

Garden Grove, CA

At an entertainment company in Los Angeles, our Garden Grove branch rolled out a new disposables program – focusing on tree-free, compostable, and BPA-free Emerald Brand products. Thanks to this switch, it’s estimated that our client is anticipated to annually save:


And that’s just one account!


In Florida, regional director Tammy Stokes and her team are taking strides to go green in the workplace too. “We’re working with our clients, showing them different ways we can support their company’s sustainability goals. We support a large hospitality client and have worked diligently with the Grounds to Grow On program with Keurig.” Together, with our client, we’ve composted 107,818 pounds of coffee grounds since the middle of 2014.

Miami, FL

Our team in Miami is also partnering with several clients in South Florida in their efforts to become tree-free compostable.  In partnership with the Emerald Brand, they are also supporting local sugar farms in the Everglades, promoting the importance of sourcing from local agriculture.

Charlotte, NC

At our Charlotte headquarters, Project Manager and Sustainability Champion Leigh-Anne Wooten is working on multiple national initiatives that are sure to make a big difference. “We are constantly evaluating our offerings to make sure they are socially and environmentally responsible. There are a number of sustainability initiatives we’re working on at the local and national level – from composting and recycling to waste management, fair trade coffee, and food recovery.”

A big thank you to all of our teams and clients across the country who are helping to support our planet! Together, we can reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on our environment.

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