4 Tips to Work from Home: How to Stay Happy and Healthy

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So, you’re still working from home. While we’ve covered the future of safe snacking back at the office, many companies are still working from home, and some might stay that way. Being out-of-office removes many opportunities in your daily routine to meet physiological and psychological needs, many of which you find in the breakroom.

Hear us out; we regularly meet physiological needs like food and water in the breakroom. In fact, these needs inextricably link themselves to the idea of a break as a whole; see lunch break, snack break, water break. Breaks more often than not mean fueling and hydrating your system so you can keep crushing it in the latter part of the day.

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Regular conversations with coworkers or friends from another team meet social needs. While you decompress and vent about your current projects, you’re even meeting esteem needs. Returned understanding and compliments from those around you prepare you to face the challenging work back at your desk.

In such a difficult time, another need has gained the spotlight, safety. For many, this means working from home, but now you’re without a breakroom. No worries, we have four simple tips to improve morale for yourself and all of your e-coworkers.

Allow a few minutes to catch up with your team

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Not every meeting has room for small talk, but I’ll bet that plenty of sidebars and distractions filled your time in the age of the office. That little introduction about the weather is more important than ever in this new era. Really listen to your team and catch them up on your own life in return. There’s a good chance none of you are up to much while the world stays closed, but an empathetic exchange still goes a long way in supporting each other.

Send a Snack Box

Everyone loves gifts and a simple reminder that you’re thought of is sure to go a long way. Send your team snack boxes to show your appreciation, help them deal with their new schedule, entertain their kids for a few minutes, and who knows how else it could help? It’s a small treat that can make a big difference. And if you like it, get yourself one too. We’re here to help, so check out our snack boxes.

Canteen Snack Box

Make coffee (or tea)

The most successful people will point to a morning routine as a significant part of their success. Things like waking up at the same time and making your bed attribute to laying the groundwork for a productive day. Well, we’d like to add one more. Make coffee. Or make tea. We can imagine you miss the breakroom coffee machine, but you can now make your favorite beverage exactly how you like. And if you need help with this one, we have some great coffee that you can now order.

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Show appreciation for your teammate’s work.

Make a point to show thanks for the work of your coworkers. Numerous studies show the positive effects of outward gratitude on personal wellbeing as well as those around you. Take a moment the next time you’re chatting on Zoom to thank your team for a specific project.

Ultimately, spending those extra couple seconds to genuinely check in is the start to a happy workplace, especially when it’s your home. Contact Canteen today!

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