Choice Plus introduced as Canteen’s latest wellness initiative.

choice plus logoCanteen – the largest vending operation company in the country – has developed a suite of wellness options to support our clients’ wellness goals. This commitment to wellness is based on the changing climate in the marketplace and increased demand.

Canteen has been offering healthy vending options as part of an ongoing commitment to wellness since 2004 with its Balanced Choices “Better For You Options.” We introduced 2bU in 2009 to attract a new vending user and include products that address unique dietary needs and preferences including organic and gluten-free.

Canteen is excited to introduce Choice Plus as its latest wellness initiative. This program was designed to support our clients’ wellness goals and provides customers with more better-for-you product options. Choice Plus was designed by a team of registered dietitians and culinary experts utilizing the latest in nutrition and consumer research to offer new criteria for healthful snack/beverage alternatives for our clients.

Visit the Choice Plus page to learn more.

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