How to Make Coffee at Home or Office

Times, they are a-changin’, but your daily coffee craving doesn’t have to suffer. We know how sweet that simple cup of joe can be when you’re just starting your day, looking for a mid-morning boost, or post-lunch pick-me-up, or getting through another meeting that should have been an email, or fighting the 3 p.m. slump. We rest our case. Coffee is a pivotal piece of workplace productivity, so how do we keep up the tradition in a post-pandemic world? Let’s dive into the safest ways to enjoy coffee in a socially distant workplace and the fine art of making your own at home.


At home

When it comes to coffee, we humbly consider ourselves experts on the matter. While you may consider us the go-to source for your office coffee needs, we’re here to keep your at-home caffeine cravings alive and well.

There are as many ways to make coffee as there are types of coffee. We mean to say there are a lot of both. Picking the right bean and roast, the brewing process, and creams and sugar can result in wildly different flavors. For the easiest solution, our Snack Boxes come paired with some of our favorite KCups from Green Mountain. But if you’re into craft coffee, the Tradecraft Brew Box is for you.



Now, with your favorite coffee in-hand, you’re probably wondering how best to brew it. We have three methods that are super simple and always have great results.

Automatice Drip Coffee Machine

First, you can use a standard coffee machine. Whether you’re brewing a pot or a single cup, this has been the go-to coffee brewing technique for decades, mainly because it requires very little technique. If you have a brewer, pour your medium-ground coffee in the top and fill with water. Then, press the button and watch it go. If you’re using a single-cup machine, pop your pod into the designated place and like its counterpart, press the button and let it handle the rest.

French Press

Our favorite is always a French press. Use one heaping tablespoon of course ground coffee to every eight ounces of water. Pour the hot water over the grounds in the pot, and set a four-minute timer. When the 4 minutes are up, press the plunger and pour. It’s so easy and makes excellent coffee.

Pour over coffee maker

If you really like making fantastic craft coffee, a pour-over (or Chemex) is what you want. Go with a medium-course grind and use three tablespoons to each cup of water. Fill the filter with your coffee, then pour water over it just to saturate the grounds, or let them “bloom”. Then after 30-45 seconds, slowly pour the water in steady circles. Allow all of the water to drain through the filter, then remove and pour into your best coffee mug. Total brew time should be between three and four minutes.

Chemex-made coffee is debatably the pinnacle of DIY brewing. So for the perfect brew, follow these stats, but don’t let pour-over intimidate you, it’s easy with the right equipment and makes really great coffee.

  • 200 degrees is a good starting point
  • 42 gram (1.5 oz.-ish) throw of coffee
  • 700 grams in of water
  • 30-second bloom
  • Pour waves of 150 (bloom), 200, another 200, and a top off of 150



As you return to your workplace, whenever that may be, coffee concerns will vary slightly from your at-home dilemmas. Sanitation is key. And in this, dare we say, unprecedented time, how you connect at the breakroom coffee machine will see dramatic changes. However, we see no need to fret. We’re on top of the best equipment to ensure safe brewing.

For all of your coffee needs and more, Canteen has the right selection to keep you safe, caffeinated, and snacking. Get started now!

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