Staying Productive (and Sane) During a Pandemic

Staying Productive and Sane During a Pandemic

Months ago, many of you found yourselves in a new office where your desk is a couch and break room, a kitchen. Others find themselves in a workplace dramatically altered by social distancing and temperature checks. It’s now March 186th, have you learned to make lemonade, yet? The break room may be different, but we’re still on top of the best tips and tricks to make the most of the lemons in your current situation.

Alarm Clock1. Rise and grind… as long as it’s on a regular schedule

When you wake up, when you go to sleep, when you eat lunch: find a routine for every part of the day. With or without a commute, those little gaps of time can be disorganized or set a good precedent for the rest of your day.

2. Take a lunch break 

Take a lunch break just like you would before your workspace dramatically changed. *If you wouldn’t take a break in your regular space, that’s another issue* Spend at least some time away from your screen, doing something for yourself. The lines between work and life are blurrier than ever, and it’s essential to keep your brain efficient by giving it a little breather every once in a while.

3. Communication is key

For productivity’s sake, clarity is critical. When face-to-face interaction is in short supply, how you communicate via email or phone becomes paramount. Our thoughts? Over-communicate to avoid confusion and stay positive in your writing because your winning smile doesn’t always come across in the written word. Don’t stress too much; almost everyone’s in the same boat.

Family Baking together4. Try new things

Dare we say, these times are unprecedented. Which means you have an opportunity to do whatever you want. Get your work done, but if you’re itching to dive deep into a burgeoning baking hobby, break out the sourdough starter because you can! There are a million things you can do at home that keep you active, creative, and happy, and we don’t mean binging The Office for the 42nd time. If you’re at work, jump at the opportunity to adapt, the best things come of the most challenging times. Try something new, because why not?

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