The Food Industry “Made Your Way”

Picture this… You’re visiting a local eatery and read over the menu to pick what you would like for lunch. Routine, isn’t it? But have you noticed over the last decade how menus have been changing? From the addition of symbols for gluten-free and vegetarian options to build-your-own burgers and restaurants where customers pick the toppings for their burrito, we live in a world where customization is expected.“What’s the reason?” you may ask.

Diet and Health

According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, a gluten-free diet appeals to about 30 percent of adults in the U.S. That’s a large percentage, especially since only an estimated 1 percent of people have Celiac’s Disease. Because of this gluten-free trend, it makes sense that the food service industry is paying closer attention tomade without gluten options and making sure we cater to our customers’ nutritional needs.

The same goes for the vending industry. Canteen’s enr.G machine allows our customers to find products that meet their individual needs including gluten-free items, vegan, organic, Kosher, or all-natural products with our interactive touchscreen. In addition, our enr.G machine offers products that meet our Choice Plus nutritional standards.

food industry imageTechnology

Technology in the food service industry brings the ordering process to customers’ fingertips with innovations like online ordering and touchscreen menus. With the millennial generation so prevalent in the marketplace, technology is becoming increasingly more important for the industry to adopt and enhance the dining experience. Through technology, customers can pick and choose their meal, make changes, and sometimes even prepay for their food. This gives the customer 100% control over the customization of their meal and adds a great “cool factor” as well.

Between the trend towards a gluten-free lifestyle to the growing millennial population in the marketplace and the importance of technology, customization is as prevalent as ever in the food service industry.  Canteen is jumping on board as well with the most current initiative is coming to a vending machine near you… So Connect now!

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