How to Make Coffee at Home or Office

Times, they are a-changin’, but your daily coffee craving doesn’t have to suffer. We know how sweet that simple cup of joe can be when you’re just starting your day, looking for a mid-morning boost, or post-lunch pick-me-up, or getting through another meeting that should have been an email, or fighting the 3 p.m. slump.…

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Hot Tea: What to Drink and When

hot tea: what to drink and when

  The secret to a long life is hot tea. Sure, that’s a bit of a blanket statement, but we’re all aboard this bandwagon and trust us, you should be too. Widely accepted scientific studies point out the expansive list of health benefits associated with regularly drinking hot tea of all varieties. The fountain of…

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Specialty Coffee: Riding the Coffee Wave

Title image with a cup of black coffee

Everyone has a preference when it comes to coffee. Some like it darker than night; others would prefer a cup full of hazelnut creamer (hey, we don’t judge.) Either way, this stuff is the lifeblood of today’s workforce. From the dawn of the breakroom, coffee has been an unstoppable force of caffeine and productivity. Coffee’s…

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Stock the Right Break room Supplies without Breaking the Bank

photo of people in breakroom

Picture two break room doors. Your team stands before them – hungry, thirsty and needing a reboot. Behind door number one? A bare-bones room with a bowl of tired-looking fruit and crumbly cracker packs. The dregs of coffee made hours ago sizzles on the back burner. Behind door number two? Xanadu! Look at all the…

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Types of Coffee: What’s the Right Mix for Your Team?

people enjoying coffee

Do you know this person? The one who scans the many types of coffee listed on the coffeehouse menu, and eye rolls everyone else’s order. Then asks for “just coffee”? Is there such a thing as “just coffee” anymore? Happily, yes. And, as long as there are diners, road trips and mornings around the campfire,…

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Coffee Trends, Teas and Flavors: What’s Hot & What to Stock

Coffee Trends Teas & Flavors header

When it comes to pleasing coffee and tea drinkers in your office, we’re steeped in research and brimming with ideas. You know those people.  They like their coffee straight up, diner-style, right out of a paper cup like a detective on a stakeout. Then, some make a production out of it. It’s a part of…

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National Coffee Day: The History & How to Celebrate at Work

National Coffee Day banner

Lincoln’s profile on the copper penny; Mt. Rushmore; Lady Liberty raising her torch. These emblems of American Democracy are known all over the world. But this month is National Coffee Day. If we’re being serious (and we should always be serious about coffee), it’s time for coffee to take a more visible role in the…

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Coffee Blends: The Roasting Difference

picture of coffee beans

We’ve all been there: staring at coffee labels, wondering which roast type we should get—the light, the medium, or the dark roast. You’ve heard about each one before, but what is the actual difference, aside from the color? First, keep in mind that the roast level and the flavor of the coffee are two different…

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3 Breakroom Ideas to Embrace Fall

A wooden bucket with apples on it

You don’t wear shorts in winter, and hockey isn’t a summertime sport. So, why would your breakroom offerings be the same year-round? Mixing up your breakroom throughout the year is important in keeping your team engaged at work. Here are some tips as we transition into fall: An apple a day – apples are hitting…

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Pumpkin It Up!

A picture of coffee with latte art

Hello-ooo autumn! For many Americans this means long-awaited sweater weather, colorful leaves, fun festivities, and our favorite: pumpkin everything! It’s quite evident that over the last two decades, pumpkin-flavored food and beverages have become insanely popular. From pumpkin-flavored lattes with their own Instagram accounts, to pumpkin-flavored dog food, the iconic orange gourd is pumping up…

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