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5 wellness tips for your workplace

5 Wellness Tips For Your Workplace

January 18, 2022

The new year has rolled in and is already flying by! How are your resolutions going? What about your team’s?…

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Truly Good Goods Blog

Wellness, Family, and the New Year with Truly Good Foods

January 13, 2022

The new year is here, and we have to say we’re feeling ’22. Between the chaos of working from home…

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Build a Better Break

3 Reasons to Have a Community Space at Work

August 16, 2021

We’re on year 3 of a global pandemic, and the effects of temporary WFH schedules are still ringing through workplaces…

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How to Create a Safer Workplace

How to Create a Safer Workplace

June 16, 2021

June is National Safety Month, and at Canteen, we pride ourselves on promising a safe workplace for our teams across…

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Staying Productive and Sane During a Pandemic

Staying Productive (and Sane) During a Pandemic

September 9, 2020

Months ago, many of you found yourselves in a new office where your desk is a couch and break room,…

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How to Make Coffee at Home or Office

August 24, 2020

Times, they are a-changin’, but your daily coffee craving doesn’t have to suffer. We know how sweet that simple cup…

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4 tips to WFH: How to stay happy and healthy

4 Tips to Work from Home: How to Stay Happy and Healthy

August 4, 2020

So, you’re still working from home. While we’ve covered the future of safe snacking back at the office, many companies…

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Break Room of the Future: Returning to Work after COVID-19

Break Room of the Future: Returning to Work after COVID-19

July 14, 2020

Many things about the post-COVID workplace are going to take some considerable getting-used-to. Routine temp checks, muffled face-mask conversations, and…

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Return to Work

A Common Sense Guide to Returning to Work

May 20, 2020

As several states announce their plans to lessen restrictions and eventually lift shelter-in-place orders, many people are still left with…

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Snack Hacks with Canteen Snack Boxes

Take Your Snacks Up a Notch With These Snack Hacks

April 21, 2020

By now, most of us have gotten into a good groove with the current situation surrounding coronavirus, causing us to…

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