Canteen’s Safety Culture Interview with Director of Safety, Carl Foden

It’s no secret that our people and their safety is a top priority here at Canteen. From driving trucks to hustling around in kitchens to working in warehouses, our associates are our greatest asset, ­­and creating a culture around safety is important for everyone. Today we are speaking to Carl Foden, Director of Safety, to…

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Celebrating Women of Canteen

International Women’s Day is every year on March 8th, but we believe women should be celebrated every day. From across the country, we wanted to bring you some hardworking women who continue to take Canteen to the next level every day. To begin this incredible list, we have Canteen Cashier Ebonee Allen. Her coworkers can…

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Jenifer Halin’s Passionate Journey through the Food Industry

Jenifer Halin Canteen

At just 29 years old, Jenifer Halin opened her first restaurant. She quickly built a following and knew the food industry would be her home for years to come. From studying abroad in Paris, France to becoming an Executive Chef at Neiman Marcus, Jenifer’s path has been nothing short of motivational and exciting. We have so many talented and inspiring women just like Jenifer at Canteen. And while the entire world celebrates International Women’s Day, a day to “celebrate…

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Meet the Manager: Tammy Stokes

a picture of Tammy Stokes from Canteen Vending

As a former coach, Tammy is someone who knows the importance of working together to reach one goal, and we’re glad she’s a part of our team! Here’s what she had to say about her experience with us: “I am starting my 5th year with Canteen as the Regional Director supporting the office coffee business…

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Meet Me: Chris J. Taylor

picture of Chris Taylor

Let us introduce you to Chris Taylor, a Division Operations Manager in our Mid-South Division who is passionate about Avenue C and his growing career. Take it away, Chris: “Because of how common my name is in the Canteen world, those who know me call me Chris “J” Taylor. I am a UNC Wilmington Alumnus,…

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Meet Me: Brooke Hall

Brooke Hall Camp Soar

Say hello to Brooke Hall. She’s a Field Marketing Specialist for Canteen in the Mid-South Division, and has a strong appreciation for good food puns. Now, lettuce learn more about Brooke and why she loves being a part of the Canteen family. I received the advice, “be forward thinking,” just over a year ago as…

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Where Dreams Come True

Sample Catering setup to an event

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Delilah who dreamt of meeting her favorite Disney princess. Thanks to our Canteen Appleton team, not only were we able to help make her dream come true in her hometown—we helped send her to Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Four-year-old Delilah suffers from an advanced…

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Recognizing our Great Canteen Ladies

picture of Andrina Thomas

Did you know? We’re celebrating our first official National Inclusion Day this June, but it’s more than just one month… We recognize the importance of inclusion every day as an integral part of our operation and one of the keys to our success as an organization. For instance, during the month of March, International Women’s…

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Meet Me: Caitlin O’Shea

grad picture of Caitlin and her two older siblings

She’s the third of four siblings, an Elon University graduate and softball lover. We’re talking about Caitlin O’Shea, and we’re proud to have her on our team! Let’s hear more about her story straight from the source. “I joined Canteen as the Communications Specialist in June 2016 after completing an internship with Morrison Healthcare in…

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Recruiting & Retaining an Amazing Team

Canteen Associate College

We’re not going to lie… We think our associates are pretty amazing. And you probably feel the same way about your team, right? Here’s the age-old question: how do you retain your great people and for that matter, attract even more talent? Here are some key things people are looking for these days when choosing…

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