Besides quality coffee beans for your favorite cup of Joe, what other ingredient is just as important? Great-tasting water, of course! Not only does it make your coffee taste better, it also helps your body function at its best.

One of the most basic components of a balanced diet is also one of the simplest: water. It’s estimated that water makes up approximately two thirds of the human body and that we should drink anywhere from six to eight glasses a day. Help your associates make better choices today at a fraction of the cost of bottled alternatives.

Pick the office water cooler service that’s right for you:

EcoStream Still, Sparkling & Reverse Osmosis Water

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We bring our top-of-the-line bottle-less water cooler technology to your workplace with the latest EcoStream in-line water filtration systems:

  • Connects directly to your water line; built-in leak detection to prevent facility damage.
  • Available in a variety of configurations to fit any kitchen or breakroom space.
  • Regularly scheduled filter changes ensure an unlimited supply of clean water.
  • The only fully-certified water filtration system (Energy Star and TUV-certified).
  • A sustainable solution that eliminates the need for plastic bottles.
  • Sparkling and Reverse Osmosis models also available

Ready to provide clean, sustainable water for your team?  Contact us today!

Smartwell Still, Sparkling and/or Flavored

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Enjoy a personalized experience with Elkay Smartwell!

  • Still and sparkling with single or mixed fruit flavors; electrolyte, vitamin C or caffeine enhancements.
  • Eco-friendly multi-use pouches
  • Provides fresh, filtered water, with zero-calorie, natural flavors

Get one for your office!

Bevi Still, Sparkling, and/or Flavored

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  • Customizable pours of pure filtered still, sparkling and flavored water on demand
  • Choose from unsweetened, zero-calorie sweetener and light organic sweetener
  • Comes in two convenient formats: a standup machine and countertop
  • Sustainably reduces plastic, cans and energy waste by eliminating the fuel-intensive transportation of full beverage bottles

Bring Bevi to your business!

ION Water

ION Still, Sparkling, Hot or Cold Water

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Pure refreshment at the touch of a button. Quench your thirst anytime with icy cold still water, piping hot water, or bubbly sparkling water.

  • CarbonPro filter reduces a wide range of contaminants giving you a pure glass of water every time
  • Easy to use touchscreen allows users to customize settings and provides maintenance reminders
  • Sleepmode reduces energy consumption when not in use
  • Sensors deliver precise temperature control

Experience the many options today!

Lavit Sparkling Water Cooler

Lavit Still, Sparkling and/or Flavored

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Add some flavor to your water with Lavit!

  • Still and sparkling mixologist-inspired cold drinks
  • Fully recyclable single serve capsules
  • Free of preservatives with all-natural flavors and real fruit actives
  • Promotes social responsibility by committing funds to provide fresh drinking water to those in need for every capsule purchased

Talk to us today to find out how to get one for your office!



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