Fresh Food

A quick, healthy break lets people make the most of their time.
And that's what Canteen delivers, every time.

Our fresh food focuses on what really matters - saving our guest time and providing a good meal that's also healthy. We practice sustainable sourcing, incorporating premium ingredients, and use attractive packaging, so guests know they're getting quality food, every time.

Our Certified Premium and Enjoy Fresh Food Delivers:

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Seasonal menus featuring ingredients at their peak flavor and freshness.

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Vegan, vegetarian and better-for-you options.

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Handmade every day with a focus on fresh produce, lean protein, whole grains, high fiber, and less saturated fat, preservatives, sodium, calories and sugar.

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Bold flavors and fresh ingredients.

Here's How We Keep Our Fresh Food Safe:

  • Refrigerated trucks that keep fresh food at the right temperature

  • Allergen labeling that meets the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act

  • Tamper-resistant or tamper-evident packaging

  • Lot code tracing for recall purposes

  • Our purchasing arm, Foodbuy, vets suppliers to reduce risk and monitors their quality

  • Annual audit from a third party

It's Easy to Get Started

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provide the best break possible
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and develop a plan for you.

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