Delivering Better Breaks for the Environment

Did you know 33% of all food produced globally is lost or wasted every year? With a shocking statistic like that and our reach across the country, we are committed to not only delivering breaks that are better for you but better for the environment. We sat down with Jeremy Cauble, Director of Consumer Experience at Canteen, to learn how Canteen uses technology to help reduce food waste from the warehouse to your Avenue C.

Canteen: Hi Jeremy! Can you tell us more about the work you do with Avenue C micro-markets? 

Jeremy: With Avenue C, I cover a wide range of areas, including technology, product innovation and merchandising, loyalty/promotions, and consumer engagement.

avenue c canteen

C: We all love snacks but hate waste. Avenue C is our self-service micro-market that provides snacks, beverages, and fresh food to employee break rooms and other facilities. What kind of technology are we using to make sure that we improve efficiency and minimize waste?

J: We use a combination of technology solutions, including:

  • A route management tool that reports back to our warehouse
  • Our Market Forecast tool is layered over top of those sales, which uses predictive analytics to adjust future orders by identifying what may sell in the market before the next driver visits.
  • Our Dynamic Scheduling tool adjusts delivery schedules based on demand rather than a set schedule that may result in under or over-servicing of markets.
  • Our pick-to-light system enables us to pick by individual units as opposed to boxes or cases to further minimize food waste. This process also helps reduce fuel consumption by our route delivery vehicles, adding to our sustainability effort.

eat it or delete it

C: Another tool you have worked on is a program within our Connect & Pay app called Eat It or Delete It. Can you tell us how this in-app feature predicts trends and helps us understand what consumers want?

J: Sales are the primary determining factor for the items we offer in each market, but tools like Eat It or Delete It and consumer surveys provide additional insight into future trends and preferences. Eat It or Delete It works by allowing consumers to swipe right or left on items based on preference. The app presents available items, and consumers simply swipe right if they like the item and want to see it offered in their Avenue C or swipe left if they do not like the item. If they are unsure about an item or have no opinion, they can swipe up to skip and move on to the next one.


C: What new technologies are we using to minimize food waste? 

J: We are working towards a more robust product database that will include the shelf life for all products we carry. This real-time data will enable us to offer discounts or incentives to sell the items before they go out of date

C: Besides using technology, what else is Canteen doing to stop food waste? 

J: Canteen pairs our district warehouses with local food banks and pantries to donate items to these facilities instead of being wasted.

C: Thanks, Jeremy! It’s great to learn how we’re doing our part to stop food waste. 

We are not stopping there! Our Sustainability Platform is made up of three pillars that cover all of our lines of business, not just Avenue C. We are committed to creating a lasting impact on the environment by providing our clients with the tools necessary to meet their sustainability and wellness goals.

Learn more about our sustainability efforts in our 2020 Sustainability Scorecard.

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